Check if you may be pregnant - free online test

Check if you may be pregnant - free online test

You've probably been wondering for a long time if you are pregnant. You observe yourself, your body and your behaviour. You are viewing hundreds of websites to check what the symptoms of pregnancy are. Don’t worry! Our website will allow you to familiarize yourself with all scientifically proven symptoms of pregnancy and you will check by a simple test how many symptoms of pregnancy you’re experiencing. 

The test is completely safe and it is based solely on scientifically proven symptoms. It won’t take you more than 3 minutes to fill it in. And remember: to be 100% sure whether you're pregnant - see your doctor or midwife. 

About Caroline Adelman MD

Dr. Adelman was born in London. She attended King's College London School of Medicine (GKT). In her private practice for over 20 years, she has specialized in pregnancy and neonatology.

In 2005 she founded - site which included many health tests and health advices used by health professionals worldwide.